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Kuinka pitkä konsertti on? Sub-Radio on lavalla noin 1:26 ajan. Tässä on todennäköinen settilista aikaisempien konserttien perusteella (60% todennäköisyys):

Kappaleen nimi
  1. no cover What You Want to Hear
  2. Headfirst cover Headfirst
  3. Wait A Minute cover Wait a Minute
  4. Disco cover Disco
  5. Room For You cover Room for You
  6. Everything I Had - Single cover Everything I Had
  7. King of My Heart - Single cover King of My Heart
  8. Cool cover Cool
  9. Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds cover Eden
  10. Past Selves - EP cover Really Over
  11. Clark Kent cover Clark Kent
  12. Headfirst cover Emotional
  13. Better Than That cover Better Than That
  14. Same Train // Different Station cover Caroline
  15. Stacy's Dad cover Stacy's Dad
  16. Encore #1

  17. Flashback cover Flashback
  18. 1990Something - Single cover 1990Something

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